Design Studio Overview

Specialist Company for Marine Interiors

CITA offers brand new functional designs for you.
Our design studio specializes in nautical interiors and continues to provide world-class design services to clients worldwide.
Our consultancy encompasses interior design, branding and art consultancy, blending a variety of disciplines to create a cohesive design concept focused on telling a compelling story that transforms spaces such as bars, restaurants, spas and gyms.
We cater to a variety of industries including marine, and hospitality, aiming to meet the changing needs of our customers.
Our work is characterized by a consistent theme of professionalism and on-time delivery that delivers exceptional results across all our projects.


CITA Design Studio has offices in London, Miami and Yalova, strategically located for global operations.


CITA is a design studio specialized in creating stunning marine interiors for the cruise and ferry industry.

Our Design Philosophy

At CITA Design Studio, we adopt a holistic and innovative approach to interior design. We aim to craft spaces that captivate the senses by seamlessly integrating scent, color, texture, and sound, creating a multi-layered and immersive experience. We meticulously consider every element, from the colors we use to the scents and sounds that define the atmosphere of the spaces we design. We ask ourselves: if a space had a scent, what would it evoke? If it had a sound, what would it inspire? This comprehensive and creative approach enables us to design environments that not only look stunning but also engage all the senses, achieving a perfect balance of aesthetics, functionality, and sensory richness. Our design philosophy emphasizes safety, sustainability, and eco-friendly practices, ensuring that we create extraordinary spaces that are exceptional in every way.